Document Shredding

When documents containing sensitive information get into the wrong hands, the results can be catastrophic.

Computer Shredding

Wondering what to do with your company’s old, unwanted computers?

Hard Drive Shredding

Storing old, discarded hard drives at your place of business leaves you vulnerable to a security breach. Why take the risk?

Absolute Data Destruction

All businesses must regularly discard highly sensitive materials. By destroying your confidential and/or outdated material, you receive:

  • Compliance with strict government laws
  • Savings versus in-house shredding
  • Reduction in susceptibility to CORPORATE ESPIONAGE
  • Protection from IDENTITY THEFT for yourself, employees and customers/patients
  • Minimization of exposure to negative publicity

Call us to discuss your confidential material destruction needs, (800) 797-0515 Absolute Data Destruction is an insured professional service provider. Absolute Data Destruction can safely and securely perform digital media sanitation services and destruction services for hard drives, solid state media, thumb drives, tapes and even cellular phones. We offer a variety of sanitation methods from physical destruction with our mobile shredder, to other methods of secure wiping. All our data destruction services are auditable by managing all unique serial numbers and come with a certificate of destruction. You can drop your media off, securely ship your media to our lab, or have our mobile shredder deployed to your location, providing you with secure, immediate and effective data destruction services.

You may utilize the following services to destroy your confidential, but outdated material:

Regularly Scheduled Service

  • Service based on your individual needs, such as weekly, biweekly or monthly.
  • Lockable security containers provided at no cost
  • On site destruction – nothing leaves your location intact
  • Off site destruction – we will pick up or you can drop off.

One-time or Purge Service

  • Material is destroyed in our truck at your site
  • Containers provided to consolidate your material to be shredded
  • Or materials can be shredded directly from your boxes
  • You can always drop off at our facility.

Absolute Data Destruction is an insured professional service provider.